Can You Fly Drones in National Parks?

Can You Fly Drones in National Parks In order to fly your drone in a national park, you will need a Special Use Permit. This permit can be issued only for uses such as search and rescue, research, and fire safety. The only way to fly in a national park is to take off and land … Read more

Can drones carry stuff?

What is drone payload? The payload is the weight a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) can carry. It is usually counted outside of the weight of the drone itself and includes anything additional to the drone – such as extra cameras, sensors, or packages for delivery. Can drones carry stuff? Many of the drones … Read more

How to Stop Drones From Flying Over Your House?

How to disable a drone on your property? Shoot it down with a gun. Use anti-drone drones. Use net-firing anti-drone guns. Jam the drone’s radio communications. Use trained eagles to capture drones. Are drones illegal to fly over houses? It is possible to jam a drone signal by using a disturbance signal in order to disrupt … Read more

What frequency do drones use?

Can you jam a drone signal? It is possible to jam a drone signal by using a disturbance signal in order to disrupt the communication between the drone and the remote control. Typically, these are powerful outputs that cause the drone to lose all communication. The drone will return to home which will identify the pilot. … Read more

Are there any underwater drones?

Underwater drones may be the most surprising technology in the 21st century. While they have been around for a number of years, people are just now starting to realize what underwater drones can do. In this blog post, we will discuss how underwater drone technology works and why it is so important for a variety … Read more