Can drones record sound?

How can you tell if a drone is watching you? You can tell if a drone is watching you at night by using the sound of the drone to locate its position in the sky. You can also spot it optically by using the lights on the drone. How far can drones hear you? You … Read more

Are more expensive drones easier to fly?

Are more expensive drones easier to fly? Unsurprisingly, drones that are a bit on the pricier side are going to be easier to fly. They have more features such as GPS, hovering stability, and obstacle avoidance that will help you fly smoothly and with fewer crashes. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should start with … Read more

Can Mavic Air 2 work with DJI Goggles?

Can Mavic Air 2 work with DJI Goggles? Hi Sydney, the Mavic Air 2 is not compatible with DJI Goggles, or DJI Goggles RE. After all, unlike the original Air, the Air 2 is an OcuSync product. Even if it weren’t, the Spark, Phantom 4, Inspire 2 and original Mavic Air can all work with … Read more

How does FPV camera work?

How does FPV camera work? FPV cameras are small, light and reasonably priced. The FPV camera is mounted onto a drone to send real time video down to the ground using a video transmitter. Depending on the drone, the FPV transmitter will send the live video signal to your Remote Control screen, monitor, smartphone device, … Read more

Legal Places to Fly Drones in California

Drones are currently allowed in┬áState Parks, State Beaches, State Historic Parks, State Recreational Areas, and State Vehicular Recreation Areas except where prohibited by a District Superintendent’s posted order. Can a drone fly over my house California? As stated above,┬áthere currently are no California criminal statutes that prohibit drone operation or usage over private property. However, … Read more