Altair Blackhawk Drone Review

Initially, Altair manufactured drones that were aimed at a specific group of consumers i.e., beginners. And they did an awesome job. They earned a name for themselves in a world of drones by producing beginner-friendly drones and assured customer services.

In this article, we will be doing the Altair Blackhawk drone review. Unlike many of its predecessors, the Blackhawk drone is a lot faster, can cover longer distances, and it is built for more advanced fliers.

There is no doubt that Altair has been successfully developing and producing a lot of great entry-level drones. But a drone with tons of high-end and advanced features is a rare thing from the brand. The release of this drone model has raised a lot of questions among drone enthusiasts.

Altair Blackhawk Drone Review


Well, this article will provide the answers to some of the questions which have been raised with regard to the reliability of this model. Let’s dig right in.

If you’ve used any genuine Altair drone in the past, you probably have realized that Altair manufacturers high-quality drones that are incredibly durable. So, in terms of reliability, the Blackhawk is no exception. In comparison to its more significant and more expensive counterparts, the Altair Blackhawk is genuinely an impressive flying machine.



The first thing you’ll notice about this quadcopter is its military green body, which gives it a unique and cool look. The black painted landing gears and the propellers enhance its visual appearance even more.

The Blackhawk drone is designed for speed and fun. Obviously, the manufacturers released the product after running a thorough test to ensure that it can handle low-speed wind with efficiency and that every part of it stays in one piece when it’s pushed to its limit.

To make sure that the drone is indeed well built; my buddy and I did a torture test with the Altair Blackhawk. We flew it at its maximum speed, did a couple of maneuvers, and we found that it performs incredibly well. It can easily cut through 10 to 15 miles per hour winds with ease. This went on for three days, and we were quite amazed by the results.

After each flight, the drone came back in one piece. Usually, most drones at this price range would require a bit of maintenance after flying at full speed for a couple of days.

So, when it comes to built quality, the Blackhawk deserves to be amongst the top-rated drones without a doubt. In case you’re wondering about its durability, you really don’t have to worry. It has a metal frame, which adds more stability when flying in the wind. It also provides more durability.



Perhaps a unique thing about this drone is that it does not have a camera. Sounds strange, right? But wait, instead of a camera, it has a space for mounting an action camera. A 720MP camera is usually the most common type you’ll get at this price range.

What makes this drone special is this unique feature, it also makes it stand out from other similar models. This feature allows you to use a high-quality action camera such as GoPro instead of a built-in low-resolution camera. This means you can record or capture a better video with better quality, better resolution. Of course, you also get a more extended period without replacing the memory chips.

The Blackhawk can accommodate GoPros or any other action cameras that have the following dimensions – 41mm×59mm×30mm.

If you already own a GoPro Hero 3, or GoPro Hero 4, the Blackhawk would be an excellent choice for you. Incidentally, these GoPro models are also recommended by Altair.

Flight mode and features


Unlike other drones, the Blackhawk does not have a lot of features. But it sure is a lot of fun to fly it. Although this model is rated for more advanced or skilled fliers, people with fairly low flying skills can also handle it pretty well.

There isn’t a lot of flying assistance features like the headless mode, altitude hold mode, or one-touch landing and takeoff. But this machine is designed to follow the commands that its operator gives.

Controller and Apps


Since this drone has no inbuilt camera, it does not require an app to control it. And because the camera is pretty much operational on its own, the controller has only a few buttons and sticks. This makes it extra convenient for the user to fly the Blackhawk. There is a stuck switch which initiates the takeoff, and another stick which controls the direction of flight.

Of course, there are other buttons and switches which allow for fine-tuning or adjusting the flight mode. And there is also a special switch that allows the user to flip the drone 360 degrees, which is pretty cool.

This drone is almost as fast as a racing drone. It can fly out of range quickly within a matter of seconds. But thanks to its powerful and quick response controllers, you get to have full control of the drone.

Additional info about the Altair Blackhawk


The Blackhawk has impressive battery power. Unlike the other drones at a similar price range, which usually comes with a weak battery and gives 10 to 12 minutes of flight time. This drone comes with a 7.4-volt lithium polymer battery that allows the user to fly the drone up to 15 to 17 minutes.

This drone is pretty heavy. And it’s the reason why a more powerful battery is needed to get it high in the sky. It is perhaps also the reason why the manufactures decided to limit its flight time to 17 minutes. This was a smart decision as it gives time for the motors cool to off and keep it functioning at an excellent condition.

If you’re looking to shoot longer videos with a drone, but you want to cut down the budget, the Altair Blackhawk drone is definitely worth checking out.

What makes this drone stand on top of other drones with similar pricing is not because of the battery that offers a longer flight time. It’s the range, and its ability to fly with a high-quality action camera. The Blackhawk has a range of up to 300 meters, which is twice the range of the Altair AA108.

A drone that has an affordable price tag that comes with a range like this one is super rare. Its long-range allows you to have more control of the drone. It also provides you with more options if you want to capture a stunning bird’s eye view of your surroundings.

Motors are an essential part of drones. But they’re also the reason why they make a buzzing noise when they’re in operation. This can be an issue if you’re trying to record a video. Well, this is not the case when it comes to Blackhawk drone. With this drone, you can record better video and audio with less distortion.

The Blackhawk have brushless motors. These motors don’t have any mechanical commutator or brush, and they can be operated with a DC or direct current. It also means that the motors will make less noise. Of course, the spinning of the rotors or the propellers will make some sound. But it’s not as loud as other drones that have traditional motors with brushes. Another benefit of brushless motors is that they provide more power.

Everything about the Blackhawk is designed to assist the drone in its flight. The propeller guard is the perfect example of this. Every four propellers of this quadcopter have a propeller guard that is designed aerodynamically. It also has plenty of room for the air to flow without obstruction. This allows the drone to lift off more efficiently. The propeller guards also keep the rotors safe in case the drone crashes into hard objects such as electric poles or trees.

Another great feature of this drone is the 6 axis gyro. This feature allows the drone to maintain a steady flight in harsh weather conditions. The trims can also be adjusted in all directions. This keeps the drone from drifting without an input.



  • It allows you to record videos with a GoPro
  • It has a powerful battery that provides a longer flight time
  • It has a considerably long range
  • Its brushless motors provide a better audio recording option
  • It comes with four additional propellers
  • Its metal frame provides more stable flight in harsh conditions and also offers more durability
  • It has an affordable price tag



  • It does not have a camera, which means you have to purchase one if you’re interested in photography or videography
  • It does not come pre-assembled



The Blackhawk drone has quite a lot of parts. It can be pretty intimidating for starters to have it assembled correctly. But it wouldn’t be a problem if you have at least some knowledge about the drones.

Although this model lacks certain features such as a camera, there are lots of other cool things you’ll love about it. It’s fast, durable, and incredibly stable. It is also budget-friendly, which is a big bonus.