Contixo F22 Review

Modern gadgets or devices are evolving. With each passing year, devices keep on becoming faster and smarter. As new technology is introduced, gadgets and appliances need to be upgraded as well. This is everything from computers, smartphones, cameras, and even drones.

If you do a bit of research on modern camera drones, you’ll find a decent number of the Contixo F22 reviews online. There are quite a lot of reasons why many people are interested in reviewing this versatile drone that packs a lot of power, performance, and of course, its affordable price.

Being a drone enthusiast myself, I was quite surprised when I read about the capabilities of this drone. At first, I wasn’t sure if it genuinely can offer optimum performance. I had my doubts because the features that the F22 offers are usually what only expensive drones have.

This led me to invite a friend of mine, who is an expert drone pilot and we did a couple of tests. This review of the F22 is a result of the tests we carried out.

Contixo F22 Review


Let’s kick off the review by going over the main features of this drone.



Let’s be honest, the F22 is not the best looking camera drones out there. It is painted black all over the body and arms. It pretty much resembles a rectangular box with uneven edges. But there is a reason behind its unusual visual appearance.

This drone has foldable parts. The arms can be folded and compressed. This makes it very portable. Although it might not be the most stylish or the best-looking drone, the fact that it can be folded and stored in a small package is indeed a bonus point.

In terms of built quality, this drone is a real winner. Most drones at this price range use ABS plastic and aluminum. These materials are durable, of course. But the built materials of the F22 are even better. It is made up of extremely durable alloy metal and polycarbonate that provides a robust and strong structure.

The drone needs to be protected from dust and other objects that may cause scratches or damages. For this reason, this drone comes with a high-quality carrying case that keeps the drone intact when traveling or when it’s not in use.

This drone comes pre-assembled. Another good thing is that you can simply fold the arms and put it in a case for storage or transportation. You don’t have to waste your precious time assembling or disassembling the drone.



A good camera is one of the essential features of a drone. And there is no doubt that you can have your share of entertainment with this high-quality camera drone. It is equipped with a high adjustable definition 1080p Wi-Fi camera.

Another excellent camera feature is the gesture mode. This feature is pretty much similar to the selfie mode, which you will find in most smartphones. It can detect your hand gestures and take pictures or videos. To take a selfie, simply show your palm to the camera, or make a V shape with your fingers and face the camera.

Flight modes and features


Whether you’re a novice or an experienced drone flier, you’ll definitely be impressed by the flight features of this drone. Let’s take a look.

  • Auto hovering mode – When you want your drone to take a steady photo shoot, you’d want it to hold still in the air. The auto hovering mode, also known as altitude hold mode, allows you to do this.
  • After activating this feature, you can keep your hands off the controller and enjoy a swim or eat your lunch while the F22 records a video. In simple terms, this is similar to the autopilot feature. The drone remains still in the air by itself.
  • Follow me mode – This feature is loved and used by many adventurous people. If you’re into extreme sports such as riding dirt bikes, cycling on mountains, surfing or jet skiing, this cool feature will allow you to take awesome videos while you get the dose of your favorite sport. Follow me mode is a feature that lets the drone follow a GPS activated smartphone. This means you simply have to establish the connection and enjoy the action on your computer later on.

Tip: Ensure that your phone is wrapped in a waterproof bag if you’re doing water sports.

  • Waypoint mode/Custom flight path – Have you ever wanted to take pictures of different locations, but find it annoying to monitor your drone? The waypoint mode will help you ease this task. To activate this feature, all you need to do is draw a flight path of your drone using your smartphone. While doing this, you can mark the locations where you want to take pictures or record a video (You can make up to 16 waypoints). When done, the drone will complete the task for you without your help. This feature can be an excellent start for beginners. However, you need to make sure that the area is free of trees or buildings.
  • GPS return home function – It would be big trouble if your drone runs out of battery while flying long distances. The return home function eliminates this problem. You can simply press a button if you want your drone to return to you. This mode is also self-activated whenever the remote control signal is lost, or the battery runs low.
  • Orbit mode/ point of interest – Ever wanted to have a 360-degree view of your present location while remaining stationary? The orbit mode can help you do that. The F22 will circle your head, creating a 10-foot radius circle. You can let your drone make a bigger circle by customizing the setting.
  • Headless mode – If you have at least some basic knowledge about camera drones, you probably know what this feature does. When we say that the drone has headless mode, it means that the drone is capable of flying in any direction according to the input or command of the flier. If you press the left button, it will fly towards the left, and it goes right if you hit the right button. In other words, you need not know the direction it is pointed, or know the front part and the back part of the drone.
  • Auto landing and takeoff with a single button – Most beginners find it intimidating to lift off a drone in the air or land it. These tasks are straightforward with the F22 camera drone. All you need to do to perform these tasks is simply press the button.

Controller and Apps


The F22’s controller has a striking resemblance to the console’s game controller. It looks like one and it feels like one as well. If you’re a gamer who enjoys playing first-person shooter games, you’ll really enjoy flying this drone.

It’s pretty different from other controllers. It’s about the size of an iPhone 7 plus. The control buttons are placed ergonomically as you’d find in one of those Play station controllers. It comes with a foldable mount for holding the smartphone. And in the middle of the controller, there are tiny LED lights that show the transmission signal status.

The movement lever is on the right side of the controller, while the levers that control the rotation and altitude are on the left side. You’ll also find the photo-shoot and video record buttons on the controller. Getting used to this type of controller can be challenging at first. But the features like the headless mode and auto hovering makes it reasonably easy even for the beginners.

To take control of various features of this drone, you need to download the Contixo app, which is absolutely free. The app offers a lot of cool features, it’s fast, responsive, and it works really well.

Additional info about the Contixo F22


The entire features sound cool. But what about the battery and the flight time? I read in some reviews that it can fly for 15 minutes. I wasn’t sure if that’s true because the size of the drone itself is pretty small.

Well, it turned out to be true. The battery is a 7.4 volt 1200 mAh lithium-polymer battery. The only downside is its charging time, which was a little over three hours. I expected it to be less than that.

The F22 camera drone remains under your control as long as you fly it within 1800 feet, which is almost 550 meters.



  • Compact and easy to transport
  • It has lots of flight features
  • The range and flight time is impressive
  • It’s not expensive
  • Comes with a set of a screwdriver and extra propellers



  • Due to its compact and small design, it can’t handle winds too well



Except for the way it looks, the F22 has everything it takes to qualify for the top camera drone. It’s incredibly fun to fly. And once you’re comfortable with all of its features, it’s even more thrilling and fun.

It has received a lot of praise from many drone enthusiasts, and a lot of good reviews all over the Internet. This camera drone is what you need to consider if you’re looking to buy a versatile but affordable one. It’s a solid investment.