Holy Stone HS110 Drone Review – Great Starter Drone

Are you thinking about buying a drone but still not sure?  If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then the Holy Stone HS 110 drone would the perfect drone.  It costs less than $100 so it is not going to break your wallet.  It is the perfect drone for beginners and experts of all ages.  This drone is a great one to purchase for your child if they want to give flying a drone a shot.

Although it is not an expensive drone, it will still give you what you need to have that great flying experience.  When we chose to give a review on the HS110 drone, we looked at certain features first.  This included the camera, flying time, the pros and cons, and battery time.  After reading our review, you can see why this is a drone we would buy.

Now, let’s get on with our review.

Holy Stone HS110 Drone Review—a Great Starter Drone


This drone is perfect for all drone flying enthusiasts.  You can use this drone just for flying or for taking some great videos and pictures using your iPhone or Android.  Most that purchase a drone is going to use it for taking aerial pictures but there are some that will buy it just for the sheer enjoyment of flying.

Although inexpensive, this drone has a lot of great innovative features and one that should not be passed over because of the price.  This drone can do most of what a more expensive drone can do.



The camera offers you a First Person View (FPV), real-time transmission that will let you see beautiful scenes.  You can record videos and watch them as you record.  It is a 720P HD camera and the pixels are 1280 x 720.  It has a 110° field of view.

It is not the best camera there is on drones but it will give you practice taking videos and pictures before you move a more expensive one with a better camera.  Being able to see what you are recording or taking pictures helps you make sure you get what you were trying to record or take a picture of.

Fly Time


The flying time of the HS110 is very short, only seven to nine minutes.



The drone is powered by a 3.7V 650 mAh LiPo battery that takes about 60 minutes to charge, which is a good charging time.  Many drone batteries take several hours to charge.

Automatic Altitude Hold


When you release the throttle it will still hover at the height where you let go of the joystick.  It has a 6 axis gyro that is built in to help hold the position of the fuselage and altitude.  This feature gives more stability to photography and video shooting along with the ability to use the 3D Flip function.

The 2.4G function will make it possible for various modes to be used at the same time without any interference.

Headless Mode/One Key Return Home


When you have your HS110 drone in this mode, the direction forward will be the same as the transmitter.  This will help a beginner control the drone easier.  Both of these functions help the flier out when the drone is out of sight. With the Key Return Home, all you need to do is press a key and you will have it fly right back to you.

The Key Return Home function also works if the signal gets lost or you start to have low battery time.

3D Flips


To make flying your drone more interesting, it can do flips.  It can flip/roll in various directions like left, forward, right, and backward.  As this is a beginner drone, some might want it just for this playful feature.  The 3D flips, or 360°, can help if you are doing some drone racing as it can make your drone navigate easier.

It is best if you do the 3D flips in the highest settings.  You will know when you have it in the highest setting when the two red lights on the LED screen are flashing.

Mobile Control


The HS110 drone is able to be controlled by using a Smartphone in the app.  This will activate many functions like the Gravity SENSOR Mode.  This mode allows the user to control the flight using the Smartphone by holding and moving it accordingly.  You can also use the App interface to operate the flight and camera.

Out of the box ready


When you take the HS100 out of the box, it is fully assembled except for snapping on the landing gear.   The camera is already installed in the drone.  You will have to have 4 AA batteries for the controller as they are not included in the package.  The drone comes with clear instructions on how to operate it.

What is included with the drone?


  • HS110 Drone with camera
  • USB  2.4 GHz charger
  • Phone holder
  • User manual
  • 4GB SD micro card
  • Card reader
  • 3.7V 650 mAh LiPo battery
  • 4 extra propellers
  • Screwdriver
  • 2.4GHz controller
  • 8 screws,(4 for the blades and 4 for the drone)

What you should know about the HS110 before you buy it:


  • It only weighs 108 grams so you do not have to register it with the FFA
  • It measures 12.6 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches
  • 50-100 meters for the transmission operation range
  • 50 meters for the video transmission range
  • It is lighter and a very colorful, almost neon, green so if you are looking for a black drone, this one is not for you.
  • The controller uses 4 AA batteries
  • It flies using mobile control by using a Smartphone app.


  • The HS110 is compatible with VR 3D headsets
  • In addition to using this with an iPhone, it can also be used with newer Android phones
  • Comes with 4 pro guards
  • You will not have to use data to take pictures as the camera generates a WiFi signal
  • An easy to reach push-button power switch, located on the back of the drone instead of under it like most drones.
  • The LED screen is simple, easy to use, and intuitive
  • Ready to fly as soon as you take it out of the package as it has little assembly required.
  • A USB charger port is integrated on the drone so you can charge the battery without taking it out.
  • You can do nighttime flying with the remote control indicator light and LED navigation lights.
  • Great customer service


  • You cannot activate the 3D Flip mode if you are using the headless mode.
  • The HS110 has a great controller but because some of the buttons have different functions, you might need to keep the manual handy so you can tell what button takes care of what function. You can also label the buttons as to their functions.
  • The drone is powerful enough to handle a light breeze but if you fly out of range, there is a chance the breeze can carry the drone away due to the lightness of it.
  • It only comes with one battery and with the short flight time, you should have more than one.
  • Sometimes there are connection issues between the drone and the Smartphone app
  • When flying using the app, there is sometimes too much lag.
  • It does not have GPS so when you have it return home it will pass by you unless you land it before it gets to you.

In Closing—is This a Drone you Want to Start Your Collection With?


The answer is yes.  The Holy Stone HS110 is a high demand drone as it is equipped with twelve technology features.  It is very lightweight so it makes it easy to handle and fly, even for a child.  Yes, this is a starter drone but it gives you the opportunity to trade-up to more advanced drones.  With a price tag of less than $100, you cannot go wrong buying it.

One great feature of the Holy Stone HS100 drone is that once you have it connected with the remote control, all you need to do for it to take off and land is to use the one-button control.  Once you hit it, the drone will immediately take off or land.  There are four-speed adjustment functions so you can go from high to low, perfect for novice flyers.

After looking at all the great features of the HS110 drone, I would recommend buying it.  It is a starter drone but will give you the opportunity to see if you enjoy drone flying before moving to a more expensive one.  It also makes an ideal gift for a child who wants to just fly drones with their friends. The Holy Stone HS100 drone also has more pros than cons, suggesting that this is a perfect drone for the price.