Holy Stone HS120D Review

If you’re in the market for the perfect high-quality quadcopter, then this Holy Stone HS 120D review will end all your searching. With an insanely low price of $200, this drone has a tonne of impressive specs you wouldn’t expect a drone of this price to include. It has become one of our all-time favorite quadcopters, so we’ve decided to give our review of the Holy Stone HS 120D.

When deciding whether the HS 120D quadcopter was worth mentioning, we needed the drone to have good Camera Quality, GPS Functions, Ease of Use, Flight Capabilities, and a few other core features. This review will cover most of these points, which should make it easy to know if this is the right drone for you!

Let’s jump into it:

Holy Stone HS120D Review – A Good Budget-Friendly Drone for the Masses


Drones are perfect tools to use for remote sensing, commercial aerial surveillance, picture taking, filmmaking, disaster relief, or as a hobby. So depending on the use case you have in mind for the HS120D, the features below will let you know if you should buy it:



The first feature we like to look at when reviewing any drone is the camera. The Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone includes a decent camera that allows you to take High Fidelity photos with qualities that we found impressive for the price. Also, it offers a wide-angle lens that provides a 120° view. With the wide-angle adjustable lens, you’ll be able to find the right perspective to capture high-quality pictures or videos.



One feature that we found quite good for a drone at this price is the GPS on the HS120D. The GPS of this quadcopter features an intelligent Follow Me Mode. With this feature, the drone will be able to tag along with you anywhere you go. Moreover, you’ll be able to take hands-free photos, so it makes for a great selfie drone. On top of the follow-me feature, the GPS also allows you to use gestures to control the drone.

FPV Live Video Feed


If you want to experience flying in VR, then the HS120D FPV quadcopter is fully equipped to cater to you. It allows real-time video feeds up to 300m so you can use it for all your surveillance needs or experience flying in VR. For the price point of this drone, we found the video transmission within the three hundred meter range to be very fluent. We had very little to no delay in the video.



The TapFly feature was also surprisingly great and accurate. This feature allows you to make a flight path with your device that the drone will follow. We tested this feature when we wanted to record what’s happening at the park in our community. By drawing a path to the park, we were able to let the drone circle the area and record it then come back to us.

Flight Capabilities


The only disappointing feature of this drone is its low flight time. With a full charge, the Holy Stone HS120D only offers 18 minutes of flight time. However, this flight time is still much better than drones of the same price point.

For the range, you get an excellent 300-meter distance that is neither good nor bad. While the range is a little low, we still found the other flight features entirely sufficient. It has a single press land or lift-off feature. Moreover, it will also return home automatically if the battery runs low or the signal is lost.

Now that we’ve covered the key features of the drone, let’s take a look at what you’ll get when you buy it.

What comes with your Holy Stone HS120D?

  • 1 Remote control
  • A reasonably well put together User Manual.
  • It includes a battery that rated for 1200 mAh.
  • Two landing gears
  • Four extra propellers
  • USB balance charger
  • Screwdriver

Other things to know before buying this drone:

  • The blade guards are not included, but you can purchase them separately.
  • There is no FAA registration required in the United States.
  • The control range is 300M, and it only weighs 7.8 ounces/221 grams.
  • The HS 120D drone measures 10.6 inches x 10.6 inches x 4.7 inches, and it uses a Lithium Polymer battery.

The reason that you do not need an FAA license to fly this drone is that it weighs under 250 grams as anything over that weight limit; you will need an FAA license and to register them.

Because the HS120D is smaller twelve inches in diameter, it has limited power and torque to cope with moderately gusty winds. Still, it can handle gusts that are light and variable. While you might have issues with high wind, the instability of the drone is reduced thanks to its GPS positioning. However, the drone does tend to drop to a lower altitude if there is a gust of wind that suddenly upsets it more than a forty-degree tilt. The reason this happens is that wind dumps the lift from under the rotors, and the GPS positioning isn’t quick enough to eliminate this force.

As such, if you live in a windy location, make sure that you fly your drone away from buildings or trees or anything that would obstruct its flight plan. The drone will do great in gentle breezes while going five to ten MPH.

The camera has a real-time streaming function. To use this function, you need their free app that works for your Android phone or device.  The drone does have individual Wi-Fi if you want to connect to through WI-FI while flying, you can see the video stream. When you take any videos or photos, they will be directly saved on the phone. This makes it easy to save them without having to take the drone’s SD card out to upload the pictures or videos to your computer.

With the Holy Stone HS120D FPV Quadcopter, if you fly it in beginner mode, the drone can come back to you if it starts to get very far away until it is back in range. However, keep in mind that if you fly it around obstacles like trees, and the drone starts to go back to the point where it took off, it may run into an obstacle because it has no obstacle resistance.



  • Great battery flight time
  • Ergonomic remote
  • Chargeable remote so you do not have to always get a supply of batteries around like AA or AAA.
  • Lightweight but well-built
  • Easy to use, even for a beginner
  • Clear videos and pictures
  • The camera can be tilted using the remote so you can change the view
  • The remote has handles, making it easier for someone with big hands to operate the controller and make it a more pleasurable flight.
  • Quick pre-flight calibrations
  • The camera stream is smooth.



  • Initial setup of the GPS sync can be frustrating
  • Trouble paring it to your phone with no instructions were telling you that you had to disable the mobile data
  • Manual needs to be updated
  • Remote is sticky the first time, unfolding it along with the antennas and handles.
  • When manually landing, there is no way to turn off the props without hitting the emergency stop button.
  • At low altitudes, using the VR or watching the camera screen can be disorienting because the camera is pointing straight at the ground, but at higher altitudes, there is no problem.
  • The camera is good for getting the general idea of landscapes but does not give you high detail videos or photos.
  • From more than a few meters away, the camera appears a little blurry.

Wrapping Up – Should you Buy the HS 120D?


At the end of reviewing the Holy Stone HS120D, we think that it is worth buying and more so worth the incredibly low price point. It is a great drone for beginners or even someone with a lot of experience and is also great for older children and adults.

This is a starter drone, and in time, if you want to upgrade, then you can do so, but if you are not sure flying a drone is something you are going to love doing, and then you should start with the HS 120D.

If you have any questions them make sure that you contact Holy Stone’s excellent customer service department, and they will help you with your issue.

From the reviews written on the Holy Stone HS120D drone, it has all of the cool features that you can find on even more expensive drones such as VR options and GPS waypoint flight paths, all at a reasonable price.

As you look at the pros and cons of the Holy Stone HS120D drone, you will see that there are many more pros than cons. This is an excellent indicator that the drone is great to have and add to your collection of drones. If you have a child expressing interest in flying one, this would be an ideal one to get them. Overall, our verdict is that it’s a feature-packed drone that is affordable enough for most persons.