Holy Stone HS700 Review — A Great Drone for Experts and Beginners

Are you looking for a high-quality quadcopter for adults; for both experts and beginners?   Then look no farther than the Holy Stone HS 700.  It will give you everything you need and want in a drone at a reasonable price under $200.  There is a lot of great features for this price.  To show you, we are going to review this awesome drone.

When we made our decision that the HS 700 was worth reviewing, there were several features that we wanted it to have.  First and foremost, it needed to have a great camera to give us the pictures we wanted, GPS functions, Modular Battery with long flight time, and more.  In this review, we will cover all these points to help you decide if this drone is for you!

Now, let’s get on with the review.

Holy Stone HS 700 Review—A Great Drone for Experts and Beginners


A drone is not only used for fun, but for many other things.  If it has heat sensors, then a farmer can use the drone to monitor its animals and crops.  Drones can also be used to inspect power lines and offshore oil rigs.  They can even be used for fishing.  The features listed below will help you decide if the HS 700 is the one that fits your needs



This drone comes with a 90° adjustable 2K FHD camera.  The camera has been upgraded with a FOV (field of view) of a 110° lens that gives the user a panoramic view.  This is great for recording moments that are unforgettable, or even some that you might want to forget.  You can edit and then share it with social media directly with the social app.

The camera is also compatible with GoPro cameras.  These can be installed and removed easily.



Using this, your drone can safely hover and then automatically return to point-of takeoff when the signal is lost or you have a low battery.

Battery Life


The maximum flight time of the HS700 is twenty-two minutes.  The battery that delivers this flight time is a High-Capacity 2800mAh.  The battery will also alert you that it is reaching low-power.  Compared to other drones in this price range this is impressive flight time.

With this amount of flight time, you can give yourself a flight that is substantial.  The battery is easy to replace or put in.

Brushless Motor


With this type of motor, you will have a powerful, quiet running drone.  With a brushed motor, the working life is not as long as one with a brushless motor.  It also makes your drone maintenance free.  The quick-release propellers help the HS700 drone run with higher efficiency.

The long-lasting 1500KV brushless motor will not die due to a high temperature or crash like brushed motors.



With the simple controls of this drone, it is quick and easy to launch by pressing just one key.  You do not need any screws to set up the quick-release propellers.  The drone will have a stable flight as it keeps its altitude locked and it also has an easy direction control using a headless mode.  This makes it easy for you to concentrate on cameral control so you get some complex shots.

On the package, it says 2.4 GHz, which means the frequency on the remote control.  The frequency of the WIFI is 5 GHz.  With the 5 GHz live video transmissions you are going to get crystal clear transmission up to 2600 feet.

This controller has an LCD display screen. It relays the duration of the flight and distance, position of the drone, battery status, and how many satellites are connected.

Auto Return


With the auto-return, it will always fly back per your instruction to the Take-off Point, even if the drone loses connection, flies out of range, or runs out of power.

Custom Flight Plan


With this type of flight plan, you can use TapFly and just tap to set a track for the drone to fly in.  You can also draw a route, allowing the drone to move in that direction.  There is also a Point of Interest feature where if you have a point that you want it to fly around, just set it and the drone will fly clockwise around that point.  In up-winds, it has a max speed of 25km and in downward flights the max speed is 60km

With the headless mode, you can adjust the direction of the drone easily.

Safety Features


The HS700 handiest safety feature is the GPS.  When the battery reaches the critical area, the drone will be automatically rerouted to the return take-off point.  It will also return automatically if loses connection.  With this safety feature, it is impossible to lose your drone if it flies out of range.  Beginners have the peace of mind that they will lose their drone.

What comes with your Holy Stone HS700?


  • Drone with a manual
  • Battery—Lithium Metal
  • USB charging cable
  • 2 landing gear
  • Screwdriver
  • Dual balance charger
  • 8 propellers including propellers spanner
  • Transmitter with a phone holder

Other things to know before you buy this drone:

  • Weighs 608 grams
  • Without the protection guards, it measures 8.66 x 8.66 x 6.10 inches
  • The charging time is 5-7 hours
  • The maximum control range is 3280 feet
  • The drone app will work with Android 5.02 and up, or IOS 8.0 and up
  • You will need to register with the FAA because it weighs more than 250 grams
  • It weighs 4.4 pounds
  • It is recommended for a person age 14 and older.

When you are unpacking the drone, make sure that you look under the package because that is where you will find the transmitter.  It also does not include the smartphone screen.  Make sure that when you use the HS700 that you use the protection guards as they protect not only the drone but also property and persons.

The camera, with its high-speed real-time video, will take great selfies.  Due to the brushless motor and durable battery, this drone really breaks down so your flight is much more enjoyable.  It is also very user-friendly.  The camera is at the forefront of its competition because of the ability to capture still photos that are superior quality.

The drone is made of plastic but the company has made it resistant to damage from crashes and very compact. Being made of this material also makes it lightweight.  There is some minor assembly when you receive your drone suck as putting on the landing gear, attaching the props, and the camera mount.


  • The camera has an 8GB memory card for storage
  • If you need more storage space you can put in a memory card with more space
  • The controller is user-friendly and very responsive
  • If during your flight, the drone loses signal and the video cannot stream, the controller will stay connected.
  • Affordable
  • Was well packaged for shipping
  • The remote control is ergonomic
  • It has a battery bag so you can put in your charger or extra charge batteries to keep them safe and secure.


  • It takes 5-7 hours to charge the battery so if you want to have more flight time, you will have to purchase another battery
  • Flight time will decrease if there are windy conditions
  • Although it states that it has a flight time of 22 minutes, if you use the camera all the time, it can decrease to 13-16 minutes
  • It does not come with a waterproof case
  • Only comes with one battery
  • No on/off switch on the drone
  • No launching mat
  • Have to read instructions carefully because some of the basic operations will require you to push a combination of buttons on the controller.

Wrapping up:  Is the HS700 the one you need to purchase?


Their name, Holy Stone, is synonymous with feature-rich and quality gadgets.  The HS700 is no exception to this time-honored tradition.  This drone is great for ones that are new to the drone world and those that are experienced.  The HS700 is durably built with an impressive camera, making this drone a popular choice for many.

With its quality camera and the potential of pro-videography, the HS700 is ideal for someone that wants the drone for personal fun but at the same time, you can use it professionally.  With it being made of plastic, people were skeptical at first to purchase it but over time, it was shown to be made of superior craftsmanship and it was very durable.

Look at all the great features, the pros, and the cons and you will see that the HS700 has a lot of great features and is well worth the price.  Overall, it is a great drone for beginners and experienced fliers.  It is a cut above its completion. Very easy to fly and though some assembly was required, the directions made it easy.