Potensic T25 Drone Review

Are you looking to upgrade your quadcopter or just looking for your first one?  Then you cannot go wrong with the Potensic T25 Drone.  Yes, there are many different Potensic T25 drones, but we have looked at several of them and this is one that we are considering purchasing so we are doing a review on it.

When looking at the various Potensic T25 drones, we were looking for a decent camera, good battery life, and fly time with a reasonable price this is the one that we chose.  Yes, it is kind of strange looking, and for some, the white color would turn some people off as it may be hard to see if it is dark but it is a good one for the price of less than $125.

Now, let’s get the review started.

Potensic T25 Drone Review


Before we start our review, I want to give you part of the title so when you look for it to buy, you will make sure that you are getting the correct one.  This drone is Potensic T25 GPS Drone, FPV RC Drone with Camera 1080P HD WiFi Live Video…   This drone will be great for beginners, experts, and all those in between for pleasure, video, and photo taking.

With this particular drone, you can now get pictures that you previously could not get such as ducks doing unusual things on the water, deer that you cannot close enough to without scaring them off, and many other things.



The 1080P HD Wi-Fi 120° wide-lenses camera has an adjustable angle of 90° that helps you capture high-quality aerial photos and videos.  This camera will give you picture transmission at high-speed without any delay.  It will record all your work so all you need to do is enjoy the real scenery.

You can post live videos on social media to share with friends and family.  There is also a detachable camera holder to help make the camera compatible with your sports action camera.  You can feel like you are flying in the sky when you are doing an FPV using Wi-Fi real-time transmission.

To get better still photos and quality videos you should route them to an SD card when you are filming.

Farther Control Distance

The T25 drone can go up to 300m, which enables you to see a wider world, give you a flight experience that is pleasant.  This distance will give you the opportunity to get some amazing pictures and videos.



The Potensic T25 drone has dual GPS, which means it is GLONASS positioning and GPS positioning.  They will give you an accurate positioning of the drone.  They will also give you no signal return, low power return, and automatic return.  For those that are not sure what GLONASS means, it is a global navigation satellite system.

If you cannot get a signal lock you can just press and hold for two seconds the joystick on the right side.  This will turn the GPS off.  Any features that depend on the GPS like return home and follow me, will also be turned off.

Follow Me Mode


With function, using the GPS on the Smartphone will help to make sure that the drone will follow you automatically and captures what you see anywhere you roam.

All-Around Functions


There are many of these functions such as altitude hold, one key landing and takeoff, and headless.  All of these help to make operating the Potensic T25 easier.  You do not need to orientate yourself about each of these functions because all you have to do is press a simple button on the drone.  Just one touch to the button and your drone will take off, land, and go to the right height.

Advanced 9-axis Gyro


This is a device that is used to maintain angular velocity with a spinning wheel or disc.  Most drones have a 6-axis gyro but using this advanced model, it helps to keep your drone steadier during flight and makes it more wind-resistant.  This helps to ensure that the videos and pictures you are recording are fluent and clear.

Altitude Hold


If your drone has this feature, which the T25 does, you will not need to pay as much attention to the balance of the quadcopter.  The Intelligent Flight function will help to calculate the height it is suspended so all you have to focus on is your aerial photography.  Whether you are a child, beginner, or experienced, you can easily control your drone with this function.

Automatically Return to Home


When your drone is in the GPS mode, all you need to do is press the return button and it will fly to the point where it started.  This is the point that was made when it took off.  If it gets out of your sight, you can control it easily by pushing that button so you do not have to worry about losing the drone.  It will also auto-return if the battery drains or you lose connection.

Battery Life and Flight Time


With this battery, you have a flight time of approximately 8 minutes so it is advisable to order an extra battery.  When hovering, the more time you spend doing it, the better you will become at getting great results from your videos and photos.  If it runs out of power it will return home automatically.  Once the battery life is depleted it will take 60 minutes to recharge.



The controller looks like a controller from an older x-box console so it should be easy to use.  On the controller is where you will find the buttons for the return to home, power, and landing/takeoff.

On the controller, you will find a universal bracket.  This bracket will let you easily snap an iPhone or Android Smartphone into place.

What is in the package?


  • Potensic T24 Done with a 1080 HD camera
  • 3.7V 1000 mAH Battery
  • Battery charger—USB
  • Detailed user manual
  • Landing gears—2 extra
  • Protection guards—4 extra
  • Propeller blades—4 extra
  • Screwdriver

Other things you should know before you purchase this drone:


  • It measures 10.6 x 10.6 x 4.7 inches
  • Weighs 2.25 pounds so you will need to check with the FFA to see if needs to be registered.
  • Has a control distance of 980 feet
  • It does not have a brushless motor
  • Most want a minimum of 30 minutes of flight time so you will need at least 3 or 4 batteries.
  • It is so compact that it can fit in your bag so you can carry it comfortably.
  • There are features that Potensic has implemented that will help a beginner significantly.


  • With the one-touch button, it makes this drone perfect for beginners.
  • The Potensic T25 can be used with the VR glasses if you have any.  They do not come with the package.
  • It has a one-key click so you can share it with your social media friends straight from the camera after you record it.
  • It is small and compact but does not look bulky
  • Well designed and if needed, you can replace the landing leg, propellers and propeller guards
  • With the small size, you can also fly it inside if you want to.
  • It has 4 LED’s so if you fly at night it is easy to track your drone.
  • It has three speeds to choose from
  • It can be controlled when the wind is strong.


  1. Uses an SD card but one is NOT included so you purchase one, get the one with the most memory that it will handle so you have plenty of storage memory.
  2. The pictures and videos from the camera can be a bit jumpy.
  3. Sometimes the clarity is not at powerful as it should be
  4. All the drone is responsive to the controller there is a minimal lag and some footage delay also

Conclusion – To buy the Potensic T25 or not


After looking at all the reviews and comparing the pros and cons, we feel that this drone is perfect for anyone that is looking for an affordable drone with many of the features the bigger, more expensive drones.  It is a drone for beginners and experienced flyers as it is easy to learn to operate.

The Potensic T25 is very easy to set up and calibrate but it takes a bit of time.  The battery will need to fully charge, which can take up to 60 minutes.  This is a drone that has all the features we were looking for and at a reasonable price.  Looking at all the great features you would feel that it should cost more than it does.

The only drawback of this drone is battery life.  Having a long battery life to give a longer flight would make this a dream drone but even without that, I would still purchase this drone and a couple of extra batteries and SD cards.  You cannot go wrong with buying the Potensic T25 drone