What does 100C mean on a LiPo battery?

What does 100C mean on a LiPo battery?

1550mah 5s 100C: Max Current Draw = 1.55A x 100C=155A. 4500mah 6s 50C : Max Current Draw = 4.5A x 50C=225A. This means that we can discharge 155/230 amps continuously without damaging the battery. It may also be noted that increasing the C rating or increasing the battery capacity can increase Max Current Draw.

How is LiPo C rating calculated?

You will generally find the C rate of your battery on it’s label and on the battery data sheet. Different battery chemistries will sometimes display different C rates, for instance lead acid batteries are generally rated at a very low discharge rate often 0.05C, or 20-hour rate.

Can I use a higher C rating?

The short answer is that when it comes to flight times and motor performance, the higher a battery’s C rating, the more likely it will make you smile. A battery that has a higher C rating delivers more energy, and that means higher performance.

Will higher C rating make RC car faster?

Lost RPM is exactly where we lose performance. Your RC vehicle will have a reduced top speed. However, batteries with a higher C rating will be able to maintain voltage under load. This will mean your power system will be able to produce more power output in watts leading to a higher top speed.

What does 10C mean on battery?

High discharge LiPo battery is also given a C rate in terms of burst, which is the rate at which the battery discharges in a short period of time. A 1000mAh LiPo battery, the burst rate is 10C, which means the battery can provide 10 x 1000mA=30000mA current for several seconds.

What does 50C LiPo mean?

50C = 50 x Capacity (in Amps) Calculating the C-Rating of our example battery: 50 x 5 = 250A. The resulting number is the maximum sustained load you can safely put on the battery. Going higher than that will result in, at best, the degradation of the battery at a faster than normal pace.

How do you calculate 1C charge?

If you are unsure of your batteries charge rate, it is safe to charge the pack at a 1C rate. To determine this number, take the mAh rating of your pack and divide it by 1000.

How much C rating do I need?

25-40C packs will be fine. You will notice more punch with the higher C packs and they can (I believe) deliver higher amps a little longer. Important if you have a high speed track and you are on throttle a lot.

How do you test C rating?

In order to calculate the C rating of your battery pack, you will need to know the C rating of your pack, the capacity of your LiPo and the average internal cell resistance. The average internal cell resistance is measured using a LiPo battery charger. The other items are simply read on the label of the pack.

What is the difference between 50c and 100c Lipo?

Well-Known Member. a 50c lipo has a continuous 50c rating with a 100c burst. a 100c lipo has a continuous 100c and 200c burst. So buy a 100c lipo for more punch!

What does 40C mean on a LiPo battery?

4500mAh 40C 7.4V LiPo. 4500mAh = 4.5amps. 4.5amps x 40(C) = 180amps continuous discharge. 7200mAh 90C 7.4V LiPo. 7200mAh = 7.2amps.

What is a higher C?

A higher C rating is usually achieved by having a lower internal cell resistance, so there could be some help in peak current, for a given load, but the difference will be small, and this is not a guarantee either as some low C rated cells actually have very low internal resistance, but can’t take the heat while some …

What does the amp rating on an ESC mean?

Most ESCs will have ratings such as ’30 amps’ or ’25 amps’. These numbers generally represent the sustained current the ESC can handle. For short periods of time, generally less than 10 seconds, ESCs can handle slightly more current. It is common to see an ESC labeled a ’30 amps’ ESC that is capable of a 40 amp ‘burst.

What is 1C 2C 3c battery?

Discharge rates of a battery are governed by C-rates. The capacity of a battery is commonly rated at 1C, meaning that a fully charged battery rated at 1Ah should provide 1A for one hour. The same battery discharging at 0.5C should provide 500mA for two hours, and at 2C it delivers 2A for 30 minutes.

What does 20C battery mean?

The C rating is the maximum, safe, continuous discharge rate of a pack as specified by the manufacturer, so when you see 20C printed on your label, it means it can be discharged at 20 times the pack’s capacity,”continuously”. Capacity is usually measured in mAh and a popular cell size is 2200mAh.

What does C mean in airsoft batteries?

The C rating number is the number of times the battery can discharge in one hour without overheating or damaging the battery. For example, a battery with 1C can discharge it’s entire capacity in 1 hour, while; 6C battery can in 10 minutes (60min / 6C = 10min) 20C battery can in 5 minutes (60min / 20C = 5min)

What does 25C mean on a battery?

Don’t think that your battery can deliver 130A for 1/25th of an hour = 2.4 minutes, the capacity drops as the discharge rate increases. That 25C rating is what it can deliver, and without damaging itself.

What does 1S mean on Lipo battery?

Battery Voltage A LiPo cell has a nominal voltage of 3.7V, and a lipo cell = 1 cell = 1S = 3.7V. For the 14.8V battery above, that means that there are four cells in series (which means the voltage gets added together).

How long will a 1000mah Lipo battery last?

You should be able to power a circuit of 1,000 mA for an hour with the 1,000 mAH on your battery. Divide your load power by this. The load should last for 2 hours if it’s 500 mA and 30 minutes if it’s 2,000 mA.

What does 80C mean on LiPo battery?

For example, a 1300mAh 80C battery can theoretically provide 1.3Ah * 80C = 104A. This means that both the capacity of the battery, and the C-rating contribute to the maximum current a battery can draw in continuous supply.

How long does a 5000mah LiPo battery last?

5000mah is plenty. Quote: 20-35 minutes. depending on gearing and your driving habbits if your full throttle all the time less runtime if your doing a littl eof everything slow and fast your battery will last longer.

What is 1C LiPo charge rate?

While most are familiar with the milliamps, the amp hour is that number divided by 1000. So for a 5000mAh battery, 1C would be 1(5) or a 5 amp rate, 2C would be 2(5) or a 10 amp rate, and 5C would be a 25 amp rate. A 1C charge or discharge should be an hour long process. 2C cuts that time to about 30 minutes.

What does 2C charge rate mean?

C-rates are the rate of discharge (or charge) as compared to the capacity of the battery. A 1C discharge will be the current that would seemingly go through the rated ampere-hours of the battery in an hour. A 2C rate is twice that current. A 0.5C rate is half that current.

How does C rate affect cell life?

At higher current(C) rates, although the overpotential is high and the corresponding internal resistance might seem to increase, the cell temperature would rise at such higher C rates which will eventually lead to decrease in internal resistance.

Is higher discharge rate better?

Fast charge a standard battery In severe cases, you can cause an internal short circuit and/or even an explosion. Most consumer applications require only 1C from their batteries. If you need higher discharge rates and faster charging times, you should definitely choose a high rate battery instead.

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