What is anti gravity mode in BetaFlight?

What is anti gravity mode in BetaFlight?

Anti-Gravity is not a flight mode, but a feature. It reduces the “dips” (sudden pitch-down) when you changing throttle rapidly. To do that it basically raises I gain momentarily when throttle is changing a lot, and so I gain will stay the same for the rest of the flight.

Why does my drone shake?

Firstly, if your drone is in the self-leveling mode you need to check the P gain – this is the power of self-leveling. Too high and it’ll cause wobbling. To low and it will be slow to self-level. Of course, there are a number of tiny adjustments that can send your drone into a wobble without you realizing it.

What is PID Betaflight?

PID stands for Proportional, Integral, Derivative, it’s part of a flight controller software that reads the data from sensors and calculates how fast the motors should spin in order to retain the desired rotation speed of the aircraft.

What is PID rate?

The output of a device or process, such as a heater, is measured and compared with the target or set point. If a difference is detected a correction is calculated and applied. The output is measured again and any required correction recalculated. PID stands for proportional-integral-derivative.

What is RC Expo?

Expo (exponential): This setting alters how sensitive the sticks are around the center point. It does not alter the total throw of the servo movement. It alters the default linear curve to one that either is less sensitive (positive expo) or more sensitive (negative expo) around the middle point.

What causes Propwash?

Prop wash happens when changing from reverse to forwards or if you suddenly accelerate from a dead stop. These sudden movements cause the prop’s spin to create turbulence over the rudder, causing instability while steering.

What is FPV Propwash?

Definition. The force or wind generated behind a propellor, particularly on or before take-off when high/full power is set, but also when the aircraft is taxiing.

What is throttle dual rate?

Dual Rate Adjustment It adjusts the ‘throw’ of the input, meaning the entire travel of the steering/throttle inputs are in use but they are scaled down. Throttle dual rate adjustment can be used to cap power when driving on particularly loose surfaces, or when you let a beginner drive a powerful RC car.

What is prop wash?

Noun. prop wash (plural prop washes) (aviation, nautical) The disturbed mass of air or water pushed aft (or fore when in reverse) by the propeller of an aircraft or propeller-driven watercraft. Byproduct of thrust produced by a propeller.

How does Prop walk work?

Prop walk is a result of the angle of the propeller to the water’s surface. If the prop is not perfectly perpendicular—if the shaft is angled slightly downward, as most are—then the cylindrical distance that the propeller blades travel on their upstroke is greater than on their downstroke.

What is props wash?

Prop-wash meaning (aviation, nautical) The disturbed mass of air or water pushed aft by the propeller of an aircraft or propeller-driven watercraft. noun.

What is PV SV and MV?

PV (process value), SV (set value) and MV (manipulated output value) can be transferred to other measuring instruments. A cost corresponding to one temperature sensor can be reduced just by connecting a PV transfer signal to a recorder.

What is Betaflight RPM filtering?

RPM filter is designed to reduce motor noise and it makes your quad fly better. According to many pilots, RPM filter is by far the best filtering in Betaflight. You should definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.

What is feed forward FPV?

FeedForward (FF) is a drive factor that increases stick responsiveness. It is proportional to the instantaneous derivative, or ‘rate of change’ of stick movement. The faster the sticks are moving, the more FeedForward we get. FeedForward helps P drive the quad into turns.

What is throttle exponential?

Throttle Exponential With a negative expo setting, the initial throttle response is lessened, making fine throttle adjustments easier, especially on tight tracks, but as you pull the trigger back farther, the throttle responds more quickly.

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