Who is the oldest transformer?

Who is the oldest transformer?

Billions of stellar cycles before the Decepticon movement had even been conceived, Alpha Trion fought in countless Cybertronian battles. He is, perhaps, the oldest Transformer anybody knows.

Who is the strongest Decepticon?

2 The Fallen Is Basically The Most Powerful Decepticon The Fallen was the first Decepticon and so far, he seems to have been the most powerful of the lot.

Who made Alpha Trion?

History. A singular entity within the multiverse, Alpha Trion is one of the Original Thirteen Transformers, created by Primus, to combat the threat posed by his eternal foe, the Chaos-Bringer, Unicron. He is an old and wise Autobot.

Who Killed Alpha Trion?

Megatron finally yells out a frustrated growl and a massive blast emits from his arm cannon, twenty times the force that fell Optimus Prime surges into Alpha Trion.

Who is Alpha Trion?

Alpha Trion is an Autobot from the Generation 1 continuity family. Though not taking part in the battles of the Great War, he is firmly on the side of the Autobots, serving as a mentor and guide, especially to Optimus Prime and Elita One.

Who is Megatron’s boss?

Megatron’s boss, a sort of silver-plated Lucifer figure called The Fallen (Tony Todd), has aims on Sam’s brain, which has become imprinted with ancient runes leading to a doomsday device.

Who built Unicron?

The first origin given for Unicron was given in Season 3 of The Transformers cartoon, years before Simon Furman came up with Primus. In the cartoon, Unicron was created by Primacron, an ancient mad scientist of similar size and shape to a monkey, who built him to wipe the universe clean of life for him.

Is Megatron a Prime?

Now that we know what Prime is, we can easily see that Megatron is not a Prime and why he is not one. The original 13 Primes were, initially, imbued with the Prime powers in their CNA, but now the title is given to those carrying the Matrix of Leadership.

Who killed Megatron?

After the fight, Optimus had to kill Megatron, to help save Cybertron from his violent ways. In Transformers Dark of the Moon, after Optimus Prime and Megatron teamed up to defeat Sentinel Prime. Optimus ripped Megatron in two, before killing Sentinel Prime.

What does Alchemist Prime transform into?

Power of the Primes Alchemist Prime is a mostly new Titan Master-sized mold (recycling the handle from the Skullgrin decoy armor) that transforms from a small robot modeled after Submarauder’s inner robot mode into a Prime Master that can store inside decoy armor modeled after Submarauder’s Pretender shell, or plug …

Who is Amalgamous Prime?

Amalgamous Prime is one of the Thirteen who was introduced via the Prime continuity. Amalgamous Prime was one of the Original Thirteen Primes. He was the trickster of the Primes, also had quite a short fuse and was easily frustrated. His artifact was the Transformation Cog, from which all later T-Cogs would be modeled.

Who is the father of Optimus Prime?

Alpha Trion is (“more than almost like a”) father to Optimus Prime and Elita One in the cartoon continuity.

What does decepticon stand for?

From Transformers Wiki This article is about the Transformers faction. For the Robots in Disguise episode, see The Decepticons. Get this tattooed on you and all you’ll need is a black trenchcoat and a long ponytail. Then people will love you. Decepticon (di-sep-ti-con) A member of a subversive sect or society.

Why do Decepticons hate Autobots?

The root of the conflict between the Autobots and the Decepticons lies in their differing views on society. When Optimus Prime and Megatron took down the corrupt council, they had opposing views on how to establish a new order, which resulted in the conflict.

Who is the God of Transformers?

Primus is the living creator-God of the Transformer race, whose body became the planet Cybertron. Primus is the twin brother of Unicron, his eternal foe, whom he battled for eons before going into stasis.

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